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Hurst Green Plastics Ltd

Control your Inventory with TwinBin
Hurst Green Plastics Ltd
Hurst Green Plastics Ltd manufacture a range of storage solutions that save customers time and money with inventory control of small consumable items.

Hurst Green Plastics Ltd is home of the Twinbin System. The TwinBin System is a two-bin kanban storage system that stores and manages stock of small consumable items. Compatible with RFID this system can be fully automated so customers never need to worry about their stock levels again.
Hurst Green Plastics Ltd also produce a range of Stock Indicators that visually display that status of stock levels on open bins and shelves. The BinFlag and SpinFlag Stock Indicators are small visual indicators which can be placed almost anywhere to display stock updates.
For products on the move we manufacture a range of kitting solutions including kitbox - small interchangeable boxes, partitions, foam and vac form trays to ensure safe transportation of small consumable items.
Success in Mexico with TwinBin
01254 825588
Hurst Green Plastics Ltd
First Floor, Bowland House
The Sidings Business Park
  • Kitting Solutions by Hurst Green Plastics
  • The BinFlag Stock Indicator
  • The TwinBin System in situ

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Hurst Green Plastics Ltd

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