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Local fitness solutions coach goes from strength to strength

Preston based fitness solutions coach, GymWolfPT, continues to set the standard when it comes to fitness coaching, with the business achieving some key milestones, including having all their one to one personal training sessions fully subscribed and with a waiting list.

Founded by Ian David Worthington just over 2 years ago, GymWolfPT offers both traditional gym-based one to one personal training, as well as a whole range of innovative and tailored online fitness solutions.

“Our aim is to help individuals improve their health, fitness and ultimately their life, by making it an enjoyable, sustainable and achievable experience” said Ian

“I personally create all the content for my online training programmes on my membership website and I am their direct point of contact throughout the training. This includes creating customised workout plans; providing training advice, nutritional tips and helping them with support and the motivation to get the results they want, in their time scales.

“No matter your level of fitness experience, age, sex or busy lifestyle, GymWolfPT has the fitness solution that works for you.”

Reflecting on the progress to date, Ian said “I have been humbled by the response and support GymWolfPT has had over the past two years.

“It’s always been clear to me that there are many people out there wanting to get fit, healthy and improve their lifestyle in general.

“However, everyone also has their own challenges, commitments and goals, and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for the next.

“That’s why my focus with GymWolfPT has always been to tailor the coaching around the person rather than trying to fit the person to a set plan or programme.”