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HeliSpeed delivers a unique pilot solution for aviation industry

Geoff Packer

Global aviation business, HeliSpeed, based at the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone, is allowing operators around the world to make better use of their pilots, with its Peak Shaving solution.

Across the world, Helicopter Operators experience both peaks and downturns in demand, this leads to full-time pilots being under-utilised.

HeliSpeed’s Peak Shaving solution allows operators to temporarily allocate their pilots to other operators, who are experiencing a peak in demand. This solution gives operators the opportunity to commercially minimise downturns in demand and allows pilots to maintain their skills at the highest level.

Through Helispeed, pilots can be utilised elsewhere for both short and long periods of time, resulting in a significant cost savings.

HeliSpeed provides this cost-effective solution to operators specialising in sectors that include oil & gas, the emergency services and governmental and military operations, thereby ensuring pilots are matched to operators appropriately.

Geoff Packer, CEO, Helispeed, said: “We help our clients around the world better utilise their pilot roster, maximising downtown. Our Peak Shaving solution saves operators money during periods of low demand, as their pilots are being paid by the borrowing operator. Once the operator returns to normal operating conditions, we ensure their pilots are returned rapidly.

“Peak Shaving is also beneficial for the pilots, who continue earning a salary, whilst keeping their skills up to date. We have placed hundreds of pilots globally with different operators, MROs and private individuals, ensuring the pilots are fully vetted by ourselves, before deployment.”