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Award winning firm celebrates 20-year anniversary

Jeremy Coates

One of Lancashire’s top tech specialists is celebrating a record quarter and its 20-year anniversary this week.

Magma Digital, an award-winning software and consultancy firm, based in Buckshaw Village, employs some of the country’s top specialists in bespoke software development and IT strategy and works with some of the UK’s biggest blue-chip firms.

The company was founded in 1999 by Jeremy and Priscilla Coates and has grown from a start-up operation to employing more than 20 staff.

In the last year, the company has seen record growth, with turnover for the previous quarter up 201% and turnover expected to hit £1.3m by the end of the year.

Co-Founder, Jeremy Coates said: “We are absolutely delighted to say that this is our 20th year as a firm, we’ve gone from a small, entrepreneur start-up to one of the country’s tech leaders in co-creation of software.”

He added: “The icing on the cake is we’ve had an incredible quarter for our 20th year as well, with sales up by 201%.  In fact, the 20th year as a whole looks set to be our best yet.”