Home Awards An award-winning night at the BOFTAs for Playdale

An award-winning night at the BOFTAs for Playdale

Dr Liam Fox MP presenting Playdale's BOFTA to Barry Leahey MBE

Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox MP has presented Playdale’s MD Barry Leahey MBE with a BOFTA (Board Of Trade) award which is in recognition of our excellence in international trade, our innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

The Department of International Trade’s (DIT) BOFTAs have been launched around the UK to encourage firms to explore and venture into new markets, inspire new entrepreneurs and (as in Playdale’s case) give recognition to the SME leaders in exporting. They celebrate exceptional innovation that champions free trade and adds prosperity to local communities.

Liam Fox, said: “The judging panel was particularly impressed by the success and growth of Playdale Playgrounds, especially in an area of the UK where there are limited manufacturing opportunities. The panel also highlighted that they were particularly impressed by the development of exportable business and the active relationship with The Department for International Trade.”

Playdale’s export journey has been relentless over the last seven years with the firm’s global reach now spanning across almost 50 countries.

Playdale’s MD Barry Leahey MBE said upon winning the award: “Team Playdale’s efforts to deliver products globally has now been recognised at UK Government level. What a testament to all the hard work and dedication that all of our team have put into developing our business internationally over the past few years. We have built solid relationships with our global distributors and continue to develop and nurture these via the regular training, product knowledge and customer care visits we make.

“I have to thank the Department for International Trade (DIT) for their efforts in helping and directing Playdale; without their help, we would not be as successful as we are. They’ve been instrumental in our exporting success and we’ve gained invaluable knowledge through their services. I urge others to follow the same export path.”