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Police team up with Holker IT for cyber crime business warning

(L-R) Matthew Metcalfe and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw

Many Lancashire businesses could face ruin during the coming year due to the growing threat of Cyber Crime.

That was one of the eye-watering realities highlighted by East Lancashire cyber security specialists Holker IT at a special conference on the subject organised by Lancashire Constabulary and held at Ribby Hall Village.

Holker IT was the only technology firm to speak at the prestigious event, which attracted close on 200 business people from across the county.

The attendees were enthralled by Holker IT’s interactive presentation and managing director Matthew Metcalfe, said: “We showcased a real-life cyber attack, highlighting some of the problems businesses can face if they fail to take out the necessary level of protection. It was good to hear such positive feedback, both from business leaders and the event organisers themselves.

“Being invited by Lancashire Constabulary to speak at such a prestigious event was a great honour and further testament to the work we do in relation to fighting cyber crime.”

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, who opened the conference, said: “Cyber Crime is a massive issue and it is of paramount importance that all businesses are aware of the scale of the threat and act accordingly. The day was a huge success with some very interesting and informative presentations.”