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Honorary titles for East Lancashire medical professionals

A select group of East Lancashire medical professionals have been recognised for the support they have provided to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The 23 East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) doctors, consultants and senior directors have been rewarded with honorary titles after helping with the development, research and support of the University’s School of Medicine.

Six have been made Honorary Professors, three have been selected as Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturers while 14 are now Honorary Senior Lecturers. It is the first time the University’s Medical School has handed out honorary positions to ELHT staff.

Professor Cathy Jackson, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, said: “We have worked closely with the Trust for the past five years and these 23 health professionals are being recognised for the hard work they have put in to facilitate the growth of our Medical School.”

The Honorary Professors have been selected because they are long-standing consultants who are undertaking key research, or they have contributed hugely to the area of education for a number of years. Some of the new professors will sit on the strategic board.

The Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturers and Honorary Senior Lecturers, who cover a wide variety of medical disciplines, have been chosen because they have had a hands-on teaching role with the UCLan medical or physician associate students, have undertaken research or they helped design and develop the curriculum.

Professor Jackson added: “Our Medical School could not expand or even exist without ELHT so for us to be able to recognise some of the people with honorary titles is our way of saying thank you.”

ELHT Chairman Professor Eileen Fairhurst, and new UCLan Honorary Fellow, commented: “We are deeply honoured and want to thank the University of Central Lancashire for these very special awards.

“This is a magnificent achievement which acknowledges and celebrates the significant contributions of so many clinical colleagues and underlines East Lancashire Hospitals’ reputation as the region’s leading NHS teaching institution.”