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It’s another gold for Glasgows

Event, Digital and Film Production Agency, Glasgows, secured the Gold Award for Best Use of Content at the Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR) Awards 2018 for a film produced for the Police Federation of England and Wales entitled ‘The Reality of Policing’.

The film was created to inform the newly appointed Home Secretary of the reality and issues that police officers face daily. Working collaboratively, Glasgows and the Police Federation produced a realistic and hard-hitting portrayal of daily situations police officers are faced with, both in work and at home.

The film depicts daily work issues officers face due to Government cuts including lack of work breaks, annual leave being cancelled, public criticism and facing violent situations alone. These scenarios were entwined throughout the film with several issues officers often face at home as a result of the circumstances in work including missing events, fatigue, stress and disappointment from family members.

The film was first shown to 1,000 delegates at the Police Federation Annual Conference in May 2018. During this showing the film brought a stunned silence over the audience, with many commenting that they were moved to tears. The film has also been used as part of the ‘Protecting the Protectors’ campaign by the Police Federation, and has received over a million views online through YouTube and social media shares.

Paul Leeks, Joint Managing Director at Glasgows who collected the award with members of the Police Federation’s Communications Team said: “We are absolutely delighted and honoured to attain Gold at the prestigious CIPR awards. The film carries a poignant message highlighting the extent of issues facing police officers that are not necessarily in the public eye or fully appreciated by the political parties. It was a huge pleasure to work with such a fantastic team on this project and the success of the video is a testament to our collaborative approach”.