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IVG Premium E-Liquids travels 6 continents around the world in 2018 adding more accolades along the way

Preston based IVG Premium E-Liquids, one of the world’s industry leaders, have enjoyed a very successful 2018, winning six more awards throughout the year, taking the total award count to 10. At the start of the year the British E-liquid company was the recipient of four awards, and after going from strength to strength, they have added further accolades to their collection, exhibiting at more than 20 trade shows across six continents throughout 2018.

The year started in Canada, where the company became the first international brand to win an award overseas at the CVE show, where, the critically acclaimed IVG Bubblegum was awarded ‘Best Sweet’.

In Copenhagen came further recognition in 2018, as the IVG became the first British brand to win an award in Denmark, taking the ‘Best Menthol’ award for the flavour Kiwi Lemon Kool, at Vape Scandinavia. This accolade showcased IVG’s ability to create multiple award winning E-liquids, expanding the variety of flavours available in over 60 countries. Following on from the success in Denmark, Kiwi Lemon Kool triumphed further, as it was awarded ‘Best Juice Flavour’ during the Vape Expo held in Beijing, China.

The world renowned flavour IVG ‘Bubblegum’ continued to develop dominance within the industry when it collected the award ‘Best Sweet Flavour’ in South Korea, becoming the first British brand to win an award in the country. The prestigious accolade became the fourth award the e-liquid had won, continuing its reputation as one of the world’s most highly sought after flavours.

October 2018 brought along a more recent success, with the IVG team exhibiting at the Vapexpo in Paris, France. A new flavour gathered its recognition, with the IVG Sweets flavour ‘Cola Bottles’ awarded ‘Best Sweet/Dessert’ flavour during the exhibition.

IVG was founded in 2016 with their head office based in Preston and have quickly established themselves as a global brand within the vaping industry by exhibiting their products at the biggest vaping exhibitions across the globe. Coinciding with multiple awards, the company now employs over 100 people (as a group).

Due to the growth of the company, IVG have been able to expand and open up new opportunities internationally, including manufacturing facilities and offices in both Los Angeles and New York. The move will open up employment opportunities in the local area and further add to the growth of the company across the pond.

CEO Ahsan Bawa said on the news,” I am delighted with the progress we have made so far this year I believe our progress is connected with our focus on customer satisfaction which remains number one priority for us at IVG”

“We have exciting projects coming up in 2019 and we are looking forward to another exciting and successful year.”