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Burnley company installs videowall at Energy Safety Research Institute

Academics working towards a secure global energy future are being helped by videowall technology supplied by Burnley-based Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS).

The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), based on Swansea University’s new world class Bay Campus, can now run complex Computer-aided design and simulation routines on a videowall using the latest high-tech equipment.

The UVS installation includes six 55-inch eyevis EYE-LCD-5500-ESN displays, with an ultra-small 1.8mm bezel, providing full-HD resolution and a non-stick mode to prevent image retention effects through the prolonged display of static image content.

It is run through a Netpix videowall controller, which creates a large joined-up desktop for network-applications, video and graphic sources.

The system also enables academics to collaborate via various devices, including tablets and laptops.

The vision of the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) and Swansea University is “building the bridge to a sustainable, affordable and secure energy future.”

ESRI is positioned to achieve this aim through the discovery and implementation of new technology for a sustainable, affordable, and secure energy future, delivering cutting edge research across energy and energy safety related disciplines.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said: “The work that ESRI does is of global significance in the search for a sustainable and clean energy future for us all.

“We are delighted that we have been able to help them with this work with a cutting-edge installation that ensures they have access to the best videowall technology available.”

Prof Andrew Barron, the Founder and Director of ESRI said, “This is an important tool for us in our research. In particular as part of the K(SU)2 program funded in part with King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.”