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Cuadrilla brings first Lancashire shale gas to surface

Cuadrilla has announced that it has successfully produced shale gas to the surface at its Preston New Road exploration well in Lancashire, just as deliveries of Liquefied Natural Gas into the UK peak.

In the week that saw three tankers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) arrive into the UK on the same day, Cuadrilla has announced that is has succeeded in flowing gas to the surface from the first of two horizontal wells to be hydraulically fractured (fracked) at its Preston New Road site in Little Plumpton.

“This is fantastic news, and a real credit to the expertise and tenacity of Cuadrilla and its partners, proving that it is possible to safely recover gas from the rich shale deposits beneath our feet,” said Lee Petts, Chair at Lancashire For Shale.

“Earlier this week, we saw three LNG cargoes land into the UK on the same day, two of which were fracked shale gas from the United States. There is no justification for remaining so reliant on imports of costlier, less secure and higher emission LNG from abroad when we are sitting on a vast untapped source of our own gas here in Lancashire.

“The news that Cuadrilla has been able to produce gas to the surface sets the scene for the future development of a successful new industry, and will be welcomed by the business community for the benefits it will bring to the local economy.”

Responding to the announcement by Cuadrilla, Babs Murphy, chief executive of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce said: “This is great news and early indications are looking extremely promising.  Shale gas represents a huge economic opportunity for Lancashire firms not only in terms of winning new business but also creating new jobs and generating new market opportunities.  It’s now up to all of us to work together to keep as much of these economic opportunities here in Lancashire. Cuadrilla has pledged to seek to buy local.  It’s up to us now to raise our game, work together, and take full advantage of this”.