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Bay Gateway Provides Boost to Morecambe Scrap Metal Company

Morecambe Metals have reaped the benefits of the Bay Gateway opening late last year with an influx of new customers in the past 12 months.

Customers who would usually pass the Lancaster turn-off on the M6, heading for other businesses with easier access elsewhere, have been turning up in large numbers.

James Varley, Managing Director at Morecambe Metals, said that the M6 Link Road has provided his company with a vast amount of trade, which wouldn’t have been possible this time last year.

Mr. Varley commented: “The M6 Link Road has genuinely opened up so many new doors for our business this year. A few of the companies we have worked with in the past 12 months have commented how much more accessible Morecambe is thanks to the Bay Gateway.

“The direct link this road has provided from the M6 to our base at White Lund has brought in so many new customers from across the country. We are seeing a lot more customers come to us from the North East, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland as they pass the Lancaster junction.”

Morecambe Metals export processed materials across the globe and regularly have shipments travelling to the likes of Pakistan, India, China as well as throughout Europe.

The flood of new custom means that Morecambe Metals are able to invest in further recycling and processing equipment following on from significant investment in 2018.

Mr. Varley went on to add: “We are always looking to improve efficiencies and invest in the latest technology to ensure we are able to keep up with the demand we are currently seeing for our services.”

“Last year we invested in a 1000-tonne Leimbach Shear which opened up a whole host of new avenues for the company. Continued investment provides Morecambe Metals with an opportunity to grow the business even further in 2019.”