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Levity CropScience says Bonjour to France

Levity is currently awaiting results from a field trial in France

UK-based, Levity CropScience has announced it is to begin exporting its innovative fertiliser products, Lono and Damu to France.

France is the latest country to be added to the Levity export portfolio, joining Egypt; The Philippines; Canada; the USA and the UAE.

Professional agronomist and leading potato expert in France, Matthieu Cadiou, has also been appointed as the French agent for Levity products.

Based in Brittany, Mathieu will recruit and support distributors, as well as supporting the growers that use Levity products in France.

In independent field trials, Lono has been proven to increase root crop yields for growers around Europe by at least €1000 per hectare.

France exports more agricultural food products than any other EU nation, accounting for 22% of the EU’s total agricultural output and is the only EU nation to be completely self-sufficient in basic food production.

David Marks, Co-Managing Director, Levity CropScience, said: “I’m delighted to announce our move into the French agricultural market and the appointment of Matthieu will allow us to quickly grow in the country.

“Matthieu comes on-board ahead of us announcing this year’s trial results in France, which I am sure will create a lot of interest. Last year, we saw yield increases in excess of 30% in similar trials.”

Matthieu added: “I’m excited to be offering Levity’s innovative and research backed fertiliser based products, Lono and Damu, to distributors and growers at the beginning of next season.”