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Suresite fuel Silverstone

Dan Gibson

A new contract for technology services provider Suresite has seen their market leading wetstock management system introduced at Silverstone Circuits’ own fuel station.

The real time fuel monitoring system was installed as part of an extensive forecourt upgrade by the Grand Prix circuit’s fuel partner Gulf Retail. Providing fuel level data around the clock, it will ensure the six pumps never run dry.

Suresite’s one-of-a-kind- system will monitor and report fuel levels over a range of specialised high octane diesels under the Gulf Endurance brand. These include Gulf unleaded, Gulf’s premium fuel grade Endurance, Gulf 99 Octane Track unleaded and Gulf 102 Octane specially blended racing fuel formula for even greater performance.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Gulf Retail on this exciting project at one of the world’s greatest motorsport arenas”, said Dan Gibson, Suresite’s wetstock manager.

Silverstone Circuits forecourt is used 24/7 and provides specialist fuel blends that have to perform at their optimum and therefore monitoring flow rates is very important.

“The Suresite’s wetstock management solution is a recognised market leader in detecting any loss of product in real time with no in-built delay, providing improved stock control and delivery planning for Silverstone Circuits with the peace of mind that expert support is only a phone call away.”

Lee Thomas, procurement and contracts manager, Silverstone Circuits Ltd, said: “Our forecourt has now been refurbished to meet future demand from both the racing fraternity and motoring public.

“It operates unmanned 24 hours a day and with such high-precision products on site, we recognised the importance of working with Suresite to implement the best available wetstock management solution.”