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The REAL power of networking

Samantha Resina, owner of Staining based KORE Therapy practice ‘Balanced Serenity’, was left speechless and overwhelmed recently by the sheer amount of support she experienced from her fellow business network members after her teenage son had his beloved bike stolen in Blackpool.

The bike gave her son his independence, and enabled him to get to and from his job; it literally meant the world to him and he was devastated when it was taken.

Following the post she put on Facebook to raise awareness of the theft, a member of the Lancashire Business Owners Network spotted it, and he decided to take action.

Tree surgeon Jason McLemon of Timber Tree Services created a post on the network’s Facebook page, asking for people to chip in to replace the bike, valued at around £300.

Members of the network got behind the appeal and within just two hours, the group had raised the money to replace the bike. Samantha and her family were absolutely thrilled and said: “I never expected any of this, but this is what networking is really about. Not the money you can make but the human contact and I have met some awesome people. This is the kind of world I want to live in.”

The Lancashire Business Owners Network, established in 2015, is a support led online community hub for local business, sole traders and tradespeople, run by the coaching and development duo Hardman McNeal.

Cate McNeal, explained: “When we launched the network, our vision was for a central hub where business owners can be themselves, be able to admit their weaknesses, have somewhere to celebrate their successes and work on growing their businesses in a safe and supportive environment. We welcome new members with open arms, and all of those who join us remark on how warm and friendly the meetings are, and how much value and support they find within our online group. Not only are people making business contacts and connections, but they are making true friends aswell, and we love that.”

“The situation with the fundraising just goes to prove how big hearted our members are, and just how much they want to help their own, and we are bowled over by the response and support demonstrated. We are incredibly proud and humbled to work with such a fantastic business community within the Lancashire Business Owner Network.”