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novi.digital opens up London offices

This move sees the agency widen the scope of its famous close-contact business strategy. novi.digital are keen to provide businesses in and around London with the same level of people-centric approach to digital marketing (SEO and PPC) that the agency have pioneered from Lancaster University’s InfoLab21.

“The energy you find in collaborative communities like Lancaster University’s InfoLab21 is superb. Having established our London base at Level39, which operates in a similar way, we have found our perfect base from which to operate in London.” said Aaron Crewe, Managing Director. “We’re constantly innovating our processes and the technologies we use within our company and that same approach can be seen throughout businesses located in collaborative communities such as Infolab21 and Level39.”

Multi-award-winning digital marketing agency novi.digital is firmly established as one of the North’s leading specialist SEO and PPC agencies. They pair data-driven strategy with a people-centric psychology-focused approach.

“Data-driven techniques are essential to what we do,” Aaron explained. “But the deeper understanding that comes from close relationships with our partners, is one of the key factors to achieving success for our clients.”

novi.digital use Analytics data and comprehensive market research to ensure that the correct customers are targeted and that every endeavour is taken to increase conversion rates.

“We’ve worked hard to develop our understanding of our clients’ industries, and we recognise every business has different goals and opportunities. Knowing those is crucial to deliver the best service – and this hybrid style is what sets us apart from the many other agencies in our space.”

Aaron is spearheading this London expansion. He currently divides his time between the Lancaster head office and Level39. Operations Manager Ethan Giles leads the Lancaster team.

“This is an exciting move for us,” Ethan said. “We know novi’s formula works, and we’re looking forward to showing more London companies how much we can help them.”

The agency has a high client retention rate for its industry, and that rate continues to improve. They can be reached here, and their Level39 profile is here.