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Sales of Webbox Natural pet food have broken through the £4million barrier just 20 months after its launch, manufacturer Pets Choice has revealed

Tony Raeburn, CEO of Blackburn-based Pets Choice

The Lancashire-based company has seen more than 1.5 million units scanned through supermarket tills since May 2016, showing the brand has struck a chord with consumers.

The range is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and is now a mainstay on the shelves at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Pets Choice – which has other popular brands such as Tasty Bone, Meatiful and Spike’s World on its roster – says Webbox Natural enjoyed sales circa £300,000 in January 2018, up 272% on year-earlier figures. The retail sales value of the brand now sits at £4.2million.

Tony Raeburn, CEO of Blackburn-based Pets Choice, said: “These figures show the increasing popularity of natural food choices in the market.

“Owners want to ensure their pets receive a balanced diet from the best sources, so that they have all the vitamins and nutrients they need for a healthy and happy life.

“The consumer is becoming more and more aware of where the food on their own plates is coming from. Therefore it makes sense that they should have the same concerns about the food in their pets’ bowls.

“The Webbox Natural range offers a huge variety of options for both dogs and cats.

“The dry and moist food gives owners fantastic choice and the treats are proving very popular as they are created to the same high standards.”

Webbox Natural was launched in 2016 and is also available through delivery firm Ocado.

Catering for dogs and cats, there are more than 30 recipes in the range and something for every taste. Most products include fresh meat and all supply vital vitamins and nutrients.

Some of the most popular items for dogs include the Natural 400g Tray range, the Natural Dog Alu Tray selection and Webbox Natural Dry chicken with brown rice.

Strong performers in the cat range include the Natural Cat Pouches and the Natural Heart-shaped Alu Trays, available in three flavours – salmon in jelly, duck in jelly and chicken in gravy.

The treats range comprises four choices of 60g bars for dogs.

Webbox Natural also launched five new product lines at the end of January. These include the Natural 210g Duo Dinner for dogs, which comes in three flavours featuring both wet tray and kibble. It is hypoallergenic and wheat gluten free.

Another newcomer is the Natural Cat Mousse, which is packaged in an 85g tin. Both are now being stocked by Morrisons.

Three new product lines have also hit the shelves in Tesco. The Natural Senior Cat Pouch, with added probiotic, is targeted at older felines, while the Natural Mega Cat Pouch is presented in packs of 44 x 100g servings.

Tesco is also stocking the 2kg Natural Cat Dry food which comes in two flavour varieties and is made with fresh chicken.

Mr Raeburn added: “The natural pet food market is growing all the time and we feel we are well positioned to take advantage of its popularity.

“We have seen significant growth with the brand since its launch and shoppers are buying into the exciting product range, which includes new innovation.

“Our focus is to ensure the continued growth of Webbox Natural, which will allow us to continue to invest in new products.”