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UK launch of ‘Potion of Dracula’ in Blackpool

Rowland (left) and Dr. Haze

With Halloween getting closer, many thoughts are starting to turn to wizards and witches. But at Silver Fox Wines of Thornton Cleveleys, near Blackpool, they are thinking of vampires!!

This is because Silver Fox Wines is today launching an exclusive new product to the UK, an aperitif made from natural plum spirit, called the Potion of Dracula.

“At Silver Fox Wines, we offer several products from Romania, where the Dracula legend was born, in the province of Transylvania” said owner, Rowland Hayward.

“Romania has been producing wine for over 4,000 years but these new generation wines are produced to the more exacting modern methods and deliver excellent quality, winning awards at tastings around the world.

“I am delighted that our customers now have the opportunity to try both the famous Dracula wine and the new aperitif, Potion of Dracula. If served correctly, it could well be a blood chilling experience, but in a nice way! – the perfect Halloween adult treat.

”Thanks also to Dr. Haze at the Circus of Horrors for helping us launch the aperitif and for stocking the range at their events.”

Potion of Dracula is an aperitif made from natural plum spirit at 40% vol. It is double distilled in the traditional way, giving a vibrant golden colour and rich fruity aroma, which is locked in the bottle, to be opened by responsible people only!!