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To be good at marketing, think like a comedian

If you have ever attended one of my marketing seminars, you will notice that a lot of what I say is about changing your mindset. The problem with marketing is that many small business owners just do not know what to focus their efforts on. All they hear is “do what works” … but how on earth are you meant to know ‘what works’!?

Changing your mindset is so important

When you think in the right way – your marketing plan suddenly becomes very clear. When I explain a certain digital marketing technique, many people turn around and say, “now why did I not think of that?” The reason is simply because you are not in the right frame of mind.

Start thinking like a comedian

Sit for five minutes and write down your top three favourite comedians. Now write down what each of those comedians talk about. Do you see a pattern emerging?

If you have ever watched Michael McIntyre or Peter Kay, you will notice what makes them funny is the fact that YOU can and will relate to nearly everything they talk about. They talk about every day scenarios which you totally connect with.

Now, if you start thinking like a comedian and make sure that everything within your marketing plan ensures your potential customers can relate; wondering what works and what doesn’t will fade into the background. I also bet that any content you write and any marketing task you perform generates a lot more traction, in turn increasing new business.

So simple, it’s stupid

Now you are in the right mindset and thinking like a comedian, the next step is to work out how you can relate to your audience. I do believe that marketing is not rocket science. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the best results I have generated are based on stupid simple marketing techniques.

If you are struggling to totally relate to your audience – in fact, scrap that – I hate using the word audience in marketing as there is no connection. You are not trying to relate to any audience or customers BUT you are wanting to connect with real people. Get to know who these people are and how they think. Why do you think many people generate a lot of business through LinkedIn? Because they connect and relate to people.

Go and ask the people who you have already done business with these two simple questions:

  • What is it about my business you can relate to?
  • Do you think we can relate to you better? If so, how?

That wasn’t hard, was it? Like I said, it’s not rocket science.