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Fleet tracking technology helping companies increase efficiency and save money

Blackburn based Jets GPS Tracking is at the forefront in developments of live fleet tracking technology, using a SmartCam system to deliver increased efficiency and cost effectiveness, based on their mission ‘to understand and satisfy our customers, with the most relevant GPS solution selection, with fully supported implementation and ongoing personal service.’ Data telematics systems consequently allow any management team to monitor performance and driver improvements, cost savings and legal compliance.

The easy to use SmartCam system helps companies analyse their road vehicles (including sales vehicles) and highlight any associated trends, to streamline operations and improve customer service.

The system has an integrated 3G connectivity, HD video, GPS, Android touch screen and Bluetooth solution, ideal for fleets of all sizes. This has resulted in JETS winning many contracts, particularly with Construction companies and van fleets. The latest one was with KeyPlus Security Ltd.

A significant benefit of using JETS innovative system is that it can be used to help businesses assess and improve driver behaviour, resulting in safer driving techniques, improved fuel savings and better wear and tear on company vehicles as well as invaluable evidence in respect of any insurance claims. As a result, Jets GPS Tracking works with numerous insurance partners, since they recognise the power this system provides, in the event of an accident, in allowing them to start managing a claim within minutes of an accident.

Another benefit from the system is the generation of automatic reports on where a vehicle has been, for how long and the mileage involved. A major advantage for an employee when he or she is trying to do their monthly expenses form!!

Commented Jan Evans, Director, Jets GPS Tracking: “Over the years, I have seen a lot of technology innovations to help SMEs maximise the efficiency from their fleet of vehicles. The initial focus was on helping businesses reduce fleet running costs, by measuring mileage, location and unauthorised use. Recent developments mean that we are now able to identify harsh braking, accelerating, cornering and speed.

“This performance criteria can then be fed back to the operators to encourage and incentivise them to drive more responsibly, reducing fuel bills, accidents and, in turn, lowering insurance premiums. The information can also be used to develop customer strategies. For example, highlighting which customers take up the most time, linked to the value of their existing contract, resulting in real time cost benefit analysis.

“Utilising live data also ensures that the controller can always access where a driver is and hence, give up to date advice on the progress of deliveries, ensuring customers are kept informed of any unexpected schedule changes.”

Jan’s final bit of advice is that: “companies should always do their research and pick a reliable data telematics service partner, not just the system, since live data is only useful if you know how to access and utilise it. Consequently, training and ongoing support is key to running a successful system and these aspects are a key part of Jets GPS Tracking’s operational solution.”

Andrew Mann
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