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Success in business is all about people

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“Starting a business is one of life’s most daunting tasks – it’s a brave leap of faith to jump into a world of being the employer rather than having the security of being an employee – not a leap that suits everyone, but for the ones that it does, it is vital that you build your foundations right from day one.”

The foundation of any successful business are its people, and like any great project, if the foundations are solid and have been given enough thought in the planning process, the structure above will stand strong through any weather. Many people would say that we live in a digital age where we could be convinced that the ‘power of people’ is lessening. A world where an algorithm can replace an opinion and where a robot can replace hard labour. This may be true? However, every successful business across the globe still needs successful people, a strong dedicated workforce who ensure that the algorithm is designed and operating correctly and the person to maintain the robot, whilst ensuring it is operating at maximum efficiency. These people all have individual needs, that may or may not align with the business’ needs… and these can’t be catered for by a robot or an algorithm – it’s therefore vital that you have a HR/employment structure that protects the needs of the business, whilst engaging and motivating the employees, all from day one.

It was in Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper: ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’ where the need for job security was highlighted as the second most important factor of motivation (bear in mind, the first was air & water). It is that security that the team feel within your workforce that makes them want to be a part of something successful, it gives them the belief they can grow and become great, whilst working alongside you to achieve your common goals. Job security can be found in many different guises, it could be a formal job offer in the post, a current contract of employment on their first day, a monthly/quarterly appraisal, all things that take time to implement and develop, possibly things a new startup business doesn’t usually have the resource to do in-house.

We always feel it is crucial to remind our clients to focus on what they do well, take a minute and think why did you start the business? What was it that gave you the spark to take the leap? This gem (your security) is what you need to keep in the forefront of your plans, don’t get bogged down with the elements of the role you don’t enjoy doing or you may not be good at, but instead place trust in the professionals and utilise your skill set to its full potential.

CG Professional is a business that is bespoke for you – we pride ourselves on a ‘listen don’t tell’ approach to tailoring the advice that we offer, providing expert employment law/HR guidance, but remaining easy to follow and actionable within your working day. We don’t baffle you with jargon, we interpret the law and the regulations and offer guidance that will enable you to have sustainable and engaged workforces.

All employers working with our team get dedicated and personalised support for their individual requirements, whether you have current members of the team you are unhappy with or some that may be due a seat on the Board, we can help your business with all employee related matters. Our team of experienced employment lawyers offer pragmatic and commercially relevant advice, can prepare your HR documents, assist with any training needs and much more. Contact the CG team today to arrange a free consultation, so we can learn about you and your business and see how we can work together to help you and your people with the combined goal of strengthening the business.



Stacey Turney
Stacey has a wealth of legal and business operational experience, having studied law at Lancaster University(2004-2006) and BPP Law School (2007). Initially employed in private practice with regional law firm, Napthens LLP, Stacey specialised in providing employment law advice to a range of employers, from PLC’s to owner managed businesses, across various industries and sectors. In early 2015, Stacey joined the Board of Directors of a leading motor group, Chorley Group, having responsibility for all people based activity within the Group as well as strategic legal and compliance matters, supporting the business through unprecedented growth and acquisitions. In early 2017 Stacey launched a new business venture, CG Professional, offering employer solutions on all employment law and HR Related matters.