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Yorkshire’s Green Compost Nurtures Blooming Lovely Lancashire Red Roses

Yorkshire’s Green Compost Nurtures Blooming Lovely Lancashire Red Roses
Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, with the Yorganics compost

Lancashire gardeners’ wars with the roses – not to mention their hanging baskets, lawns, veg patch and trees and shrubs – can this year be won thanks to a top quality, new compost based on the household waste of Yorkshire homeowners.

Lancaster-based wood fuel specialist Logs Direct is now selling Yorganics compost, which comes with an amazing backstory, rooted in the green waste recycling habits of those living in the White Rose county.

Yorganics is the latest environmentally friendly product to enter the Logs Direct portfolio, due to the company having pro-actively sourced a much greener alternative to peat, reserves of which are diminishing fast.

Yorganics gives green-principled gardeners complete peace of mind. It is a 100% recycled product that has been through an eco-friendly process taking it from household green waste bin, to bagged 0-10mm quality compost.  Its Yorkshire roots also give it a traceability many composts lack, reducing carbon footprints.

York and Leeds’ City Councils partnered with Yorkshire Water to create this garden star.  Householders’ green waste is taken to 13 Yorkshire Water sites and meticulously shredded, to break it down into small particles.  It is then piled up into 8-metre tall mounds, stretching 100 metres or more, and rolled several times.

The temperature of the waste rises to around 85˚C in parts of the mound, well exceeding the 65˚C required for sterilisation.  As the heat rises, the matter breaks down and turns black.

The compost is then taken to a processing plant and passed through a magnetic belt, to remove all metal traces.  An oversized drum removes larger pieces, to create a BSI PAS100-standard compost.

Use of Yorganics compost makes for better blooms, a higher yield of fruit and vegetables, gorgeous hanging baskets and thriving trees and shrubs. The compost is also a perfect lawn feed and dressing, great for improving turf and repairing divots, and handy for mulching, leaving Logs Direct with many potential customers.

“It would be churlish for Lancashire’s gardeners to shun this great compost,” says Logs Direct director, Stephen Talbot.  “Using it is an easy way to create a blooming lovely garden, as it’s very effective in holding nutrients and water in the soil, releasing them when required. It helps heavy soil recover and become more workable and also improves drainage. It’s super-green and eco-friendly and should have a home in many Lancashire gardens, even if it has crossed the Pennines from Yorkshire!”

Yorganics comes in handy 40-litre carry bags, or can be delivered in bulk by Logs Direct in 800kg dumpy bags

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