Home Breaking News NWLCC chief condemns disruption caused by protestors at local fracking site

NWLCC chief condemns disruption caused by protestors at local fracking site

Protest new road protesters leading to road closure

The A583 Preston New Road was today blocked for around four hours in the eastbound direction and for nearly an hour in both directions, as anti- fracking protestors’ actions caused extensive delays.

Babs Murphy, chief executive of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, commenting on today’s action, said:   “As a result, countless local people and businesses will have been inconvenienced.  Even more seriously, the potential threat to life resulting from delays to ambulances and other emergency services as a result of the extensive delays caused would have been significant.

“We realise that the police  have a difficult job in balancing the right to peaceful protest against the need to keep the Fylde Coast’s major road infrastructure open, but today’s events indicate that Lancashire Constabulary should  reconsider its policing approach to further minimise the disruption to local people and the local business community.

“Three years ago, the offices of my chamber in Blackpool were invaded by anti-fracking extremists and a staff member was injured.  That was wrong then and what has happened today is also wrong.  I call on the Chief Constable for Lancashire and the other public authorities to be resolute in maintaining the rule of law in the interests of local people and businesses.  It’s time to hold these professional protestors to account”.