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Passionate about what we do!

We are passionate about what we do! Passionate about HVAC and Renewable energies…

It’s more than just a job to us. We are a family run business and we started this business from nothing, originally it was just Dave, Adele, and Michael with a van, working from home. Now we are a local business providing a 1st rate service with a modern showroom and office, and over time we have brought on family and friends to work with us. And we have grown from strength to strength! Now we are a team of 20!

In supporting roles we have Tammy and Adele, who keep the office and the team running like a well-oiled machine!

Then we have our engineers, these guys are passionate about their work, when asked what it is they love about their jobs they told us they love working at Coolbreeze because they get to do a job that they love and that they have input about the work they do and their opinions matter, not only that but these lads grew up taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they work! And now they get to do the same every day at work! Well maybe not the taking apart bit but they get to work with their hands, install machinery and modern technology to provide comfort cooling and heating, and they get to travel the country doing what they love.

Then we have our apprentice engineers, the future of Coolbreeze! Our apprentices get to travel the country working a job that they love, whilst at the same time being trained in a trade which will serve them well in their futures.

From the bottom to the top we all have the same aim, to provide a quality service for our clients that is first rate, our engineers are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship with an eye to detail on a timescale. A position which is strengthened with every project we undertake. Here at Coolbreeze we love to meet new people and most of our work comes from recommendations, so if you are interested, pop in to our showrooms and take a look at the new technologies in renewable energies and HVAC and have a chat and a brew. In a nutshell, we believe Coolbreeze to be a local family run business. We believe that we provide a fair service for a fair price. Our service and procedure’s and pricing policy is open and transparent and that we are accountable for our work, we will never disappear off the internet, we are here to stay.

Andrew Mann
After 34 years working in numerous operational and communications disciplines for three FTSE companies (Yorkshire Electricity; Meggitt and BAE Systems), at over a dozen locations, on 24 November 2016, I became the inaugural editor of Business Lancashire.Business Lancashire is a good news, Lancashire focused, business website and daily newsletter. It is a partnership between The Samuel James Group and the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.Over the years, I have written hundreds of press releases, features for trade magazines, copy for websites and brochures, edited in-house magazines and newsletters, as well as presenting a radio programme on Chorley FM. This experience has given me the ideal background for editing Business Lancashire.