Home Business Why is a Christmas Party Abroad Justifiable?

Why is a Christmas Party Abroad Justifiable?

Why is a Christmas Party Abroad Justifiable?

A business should strive to have a “Unique Selling Proposition”. The USP should be key to your company ethos and be a part of everything you do.

At Abbey Telecom, we extend our non-conventional style to the company Christmas parties. Management have always attempted to challenge the norm, and it is great to see that this has trickled through to other members of the team. An example of this is the 2015 celebration that saw our Operations Manager organise a trip to Geneva. It must all be done under the taxman’s maximum allowance of £150 per person, including flights.

After years of practice with trips to Dublin, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, we have become quite good at sticking to the budget. So why do we do this? It’s all about being different. People don’t just go to work for money. It’s not about trying to look “flash”. It’s simply making sure that employees are rewarded for long term loyalty and keeping them motivated, that is the main objective. It gives us all a sense of pride that some team members have worked here since 1996.

As well as rewarding employees, these trips help to build comradery within the team. The best example of this is out most recent Christmas party, a trip to the Lake District. The team spent the weekend together in a house with nothing but picturesque scenery for miles around.

All of this leads to lower HR turnover, and recruitment costs, so that our clients have consistent relationships with our team. It’s also a symbol of our leadership style. We have the type of managers that make sure nobody works beyond 5:30pm, try to be understanding of individual employee’s trials, and in turn the team are more considerate of theirs.

So, if management can brighten the festive season then it should help keep morale high. Innovation and a hunger to be unique are elements of all entrepreneurs so use your individualism and see the benefits.